Leeds Goal Controversy

Who’s to blame

Pundits and Fans around the world can’t decide between the Play to the Whistle rule or Sportsmanship. The real question is who was in the wrong Aston Villa or Leeds United , or even the officials ?

Play to the Whistle ?

From a young age you are taught play to the whistle , if the referee hasn’t blown his whistle why should they stop? If you have a chance to score and the referee deems the injury as not serious why would you stop?Surely it should be deemed that the blame is with the referee for not blowing his whistle.

Lack of Sportsmanship

Despite the Play to the Whistle rule Sportsmanship still exists. Surely it’s common courtesy to kick the ball out if a player is injured and consequently shows a lack of respect to the opposition team

The Referee

With a mass brawl ensuing immediately after the goal was scored , could the Referee have handled the situation differently and in a more professional manner ? By blowing his whistle when the Aston Villa players stopped for Leeds United to kick the ball out ?

Does it make it all ok after Leeds allow Villa to score or is it still completely ridiculous?

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