From YouTube Boxing Coach to Future World Champion

Here we take a look at KSI’s Boxing coach Viddal Riley who has recently won his 3rd professional fight

Viddal Riley was discovered by the public as KSI’s Boxing coach for KSI’s bout with Joe Weller that became at the time the UK’s highest attended white collar boxing event at the Sell out Copper Box Arena , aswell as 25 million people viewing it online . With KSI coming out victorious it showed the quality of Viddal’s training with KSI’s physical transformation than his opponent Joe Weller

Viddal trained again for KSI’s bout against Logan Paul . Despite it ending in a majority draw , most believing KSI won the fight .

Viddal Himself was signed by Jeff Mayweather and Amer Abdallah as a professional boxer. His record currently stands at 3 wins and 0 losses . Viddal has been a youth Champion and in the future will show the World he’s a World Champion and could become one of the big names of the Sport

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