Liverpool Pull Off the Best Comeback in Football History

Going into the tie against Barcelona 3-0 down , all fans around the World were more focused on who Barcelona would be facing in the Champions League Final. With Messi in top form last time against Liverpool the hope seemed all but over.

They believed the tie was over before it began , could they have been further from the truth

With an early goal courtesy of Divock Origi in the 7th Minute the tie seemed open slightly more however still all but over. With Barcelona missing chances and Alisson pulling off some great saves you began to question was it Liverpool’s night ?

With 2 quick goals from Georginio Wijnaldum the tie seemed Liverpool’s for the taking but with Messi and Suarez on the pitch anything was possible

Then the moment of the night , 20 year old Trent Alexander-Arnold produced one of the most intelligent pieces of play the footballing World has ever seen. By taking the corner quickly having acted as if he was walking away from the ball , it left Divock Origi open and the only player in the box that was switched on

The shock of the game was shown by Barcelona’s despair at the Final Whistle

Liverpool earned the Praise of all football fans and professionals with :

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp stating ‘I can’t remember a game like this ‘

Jose Mourinho saying ‘ Liverpool achieved the impossible ‘

All we can say hear at Place Sports is congratulations Liverpool and well done of producing one of the best comebacks in Football history

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