Tottenham Show Liverpool They Can Do it To

Most believed a Semi-Final 3-0 down comeback was impossible, however in the past 2 days there has been 2 Semi-Final 3-0 down comebacks. Spurs started the game 1-0 down on aggregate , aswell as this it was a crucial away goal .

At half time they trailed by 3 goals and all hopes of succeeding were now just a distant dream . After Goals from Matthias De Ligt and Hakim Ziyech .

However Lucas Moura providing a second half hat-trick and scoring in the last kick of the game shocked the world . Moura becoming the first Brazilian to ever score a Champions League Semi-Final Hat-Trick . With an all English Final Liverpool against Tottenham it could prove to be an incredible game and is only the second ever all English Champions League Final

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