Our Take on Christian Pulisic

After impressive seasons at Borussia Dortmund Christian Pulisic has moved to the Premier League

Christian Pulisic has officially joined Chelsea for £58m , he looks to make his mark on the Premier League at only 20 years old Christian has huge potential

During his time at Borussia Dortmund Pulisic scored 13 goals in 90 appearances and caught the eye of the footballing world. He showed himself to be one of the most promising youngsters in the World

Christian Pulisic is also the star of the Men’s American National Soccer Team , scoring 10 goals in 25 appearances

What do we think of the move ?

Here at Place Sports we feel it’s a great move for all parties . Firstly for the Player and his national team, he goes into a tougher division and will consequently improve significantly as a player .

In addition it’s a lot of money for a 20 year old player , consequently benefitting Borussia Dortmund significantly and allowing them to reimburse the money directly back into improving the squad

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