‘This is Goodbye’ – Hazard

After scoring a brace in the Europa League Final Eden Hazard looks to be on his way out of Chelsea. After 7 seasons in the Premier League it looks as if it’s his last

After another exceptional season Eden Hazard has once again showed he’s one of the World’s best. After a great season we thought we’d take a look at his future ahead

Will Hazard stay at Chelsea ?

With the current state of Real Madrid it’s up for debate whether it is a step up from Chelsea. After another excellent season and the most assists in the Premier League Hazard may want a change. Aswell as Manchester City and Liverpool being miles ahead , Hazard may believe he won’t win the Premier League at Stamford Bridge

Will he go to Real Madrid ?

Eden Hazard has said since the start of his career he’d love to play at Real Madrid. With his recent performances lacking passion and celebration after moments of brilliants it could spell the end for his Chelsea career .

With Madrid wanting to get rid of Gareth Bale it leaves a first team place for Eden Hazard

After Sarri publicly said he ‘ hopes Eden Hazard stays however they must respect his decision.’ It leaves the Chelsea fans all thinking Eden Hazard is on his way out

Here at Place Sports we feel Eden Hazard will go to Real Madrid after his recent comments . We would like to place on record our gratitude to a true Premier League great

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