Tyson Fury Ranked Number 1

The Ring magazine rankings have just been released , we take a look at the top 5 heavyweights in the world

Number 1 – Tyson Fury

After his draw with Deontay Wilder , Tyson Fury hasn’t suffered a loss in his career . However based on quality of opponents fought he comes out at World Number 1

Number 2 – Deontay Wilder

After his win over Dominic Breazeale ( https://placesports.co.uk/2019/05/19/wilder-knocks-out-breazeale-in-round-1/)

Number 3 – Andy Ruiz Jr

After his victory over Anthony Joshua ( https://placesports.co.uk/2019/06/02/ruiz-stuns-joshua/) Andy Ruiz is now a World Champion, so he finds himself up to 3rd in the World Rankings

Number 4 – Anthony Joshua

After his loss to Andy Ruiz Jr , Anthony Joshua now holds no championship belts. Therefore putting him down to 4th in the ranking

Number 5 – Dillian Whyte

After only facing one of the top 4 and losing that bout . Dillian Whyte can have no complaints as he isn’t deserving of the top 4 spots

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